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Priority Colo -- APC Power Management primer

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Priority Colo -- APC Power Management primer


This primer is a guide to using the PriorityColo APC Power Management interface.  Every power outlet we feed is connected to an APC unit, allowing you to remotely turn on, off, or reboot a powered device.  If you are looking to reboot your server, then this is the guide for you.





APC operation is straightforward.  Connect to the web UI for the device which hosts your port (e.g. ), and enter the username/password.  You will be logged into the main menu.





The only practical operation here is to control the outlet.  In the navigation menu on the left, click on "Outlet", and then "Control".  You will see a list of ports which you can control (normally just one), and a drop-down menu of available commands.







Select the action you wish to perform from the drop-down menu: Immediate On to power on the port, Immediate Off to power it off, or Immediate Reboot to perform a hardware reset (in reality it just powers the port off and back on, effectively the same as pressing a hardware "reset" button).  Click the "Apply" button, and if prompted to confirm, do so.  The port status will change to reflect the new state of the port.




You might power your server on and off during periods of inactivity, or more commonly, use the interface to hard-reboot the server in the event of a hard-lockup or similar unknown incident.  The interface should be online at alltimes, so feel free to contact support if there is ever an issue connecting.



* The port will normally show it's current status, but because the interface page is static, it may not update in the event of an "out-of-band" change.  Simply refresh the page to ensure that the status shown is up to date.

* If you perform a reboot on a powered-on port, the status will often return as a yellow-coloured "Off".  This is a specific indication of a transitional status, and the page should update promptly to show the expected "On" state.

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